Safety First

All Warriors must complete a waiver form before taking part in any class, working out during Open Gym hours or competing at Warrior Gyms. Follow all the rules on posted signs in the gym and listen to the Warrior Supervisors. We're here to keep you safe! 

General Rules

  1. No children under the age of 3 in the arena (please see front desk for more information)
  2. Anyone under the age of 18 must have a waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian.
  3. Age restrictions per area (Inflatable Obstacle Course/3+, Parkour/7+, Ninja Warrior/6+, Rock Wall/4+)
  4. 12 and under Parent/Guardian must remain on site.
  5. Follow Warrior guidance and directions at all times.
  6. All participants must wear appropriate closed-toe shoes and workout clothes.
  7. Warriors must participate in a safe and responsible manner.
  8. Children 6 and under should never be left unattended.
  9. Do not participate with anything in your pockets or wearing jewelry, doing so my result in injury.
  10. No food, drink or gum allowed outside of the café. Water bottles are allowed in designated area during classes.
  11. Maintain appropriate amount of space between yourself and other warriors to prevent collisions.
  12. Be aware of your surroundings, do not disrupt one-on-one training or classes.
  13. No drugs or alcohol permitted on the premises.
  14. Do not participate if you have health limitations, unless you have permission from your doctor.
  15. We are not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged personal property brought in to or stored in the gym.

Parkour Rules

  1. Warriors must be age 7+.
  2. All warriors must pass the safety test before using the Parkour area. 
  3. Do not climb to the top ledge of temple.
  4. No climbing into temple structure.
  5. Stay away from fans 
  6. Use proper climbing techniques, with only hands and feet. Do not climb on elbows or knees. 
  7. Do not disrupt classes.
  8. Always be aware of your surroundings, follow the flow of traffic. 
  9. Only coaches are to help people perform movements or climb structures.
  10. Do not climb under or over people.
  11. Do not play large scale games.
  12. Always use proper mat placement.

Rock Climbing Rules

  1. Warriors must be age 4+.
  2. Each climber must receive a fall safe test from a supervisor prior to climbing.
  3. No Climbing without a trained supervisor.
  4. Climbing Warriors must wear athletic/workout clothes and closed-toe shoes for safety.
  5. Ensure your safety harness is worn correctly. Our Warriors are here to help if you are unsure!
  6. Do not climb higher than you are supposed to.
  7. Stick to routes appropriate for your climbing level.
  8. Take breaks! Fatigue is one of the leading causes of climbing injuries and accidents.
  9. Practice correct climbing technique. Ask a Warrior if you need guidance.
  10. Stay hydrated!
  11. Always listen and follow the guidance of our Warrior Supervisors, they are specially trained and here to keep you safe!
  12. Do NOT walk under climbers.
  13. Every person is to receive a clip-in test for the use of auto-belays from a Warrior Supervisor prior to climbing.

Ninja Warrior Rules

  1. Warriors must be age 6+.
  2. You must pass the safety test before using the Ninja Warrior course. 
  3. No walking under trussing/course unless you are performing the obstacles.
  4. One person at a time on the obstacle course. Listen to our Warrior Supervisor  to know when it’s your turn.
  5. No jumping the gaps between trussing unless its part of the obstacle.
  6. No children under 12 on the 15’ warped walls.
  7. No hanging or climbing on the trussing.
  8. No climbing the netting.
  9. No jumping off the warped wall!
  10. All spectators must stand 5’ away from the course at all times.
  11. Warriors must wear athletic/workout clothes and closed-toe shoes for safety.
  12. One Warrior on the obstacles at a time.
  13. Watch out for warriors in front of you, do not rush them or go before your turn.
  14. Ensure that the obstacle is clear of any other Warriors before continuing.
  15. Always listen and follow the guidance of our Warrior Staff, they are specially trained and here to keep you safe!

Kids Ninja Warrior Rules

  1. No climbing on the brown trussing.
  2. Only one child on lower level course at a time and one on upper level course unless in a  supervised class.
  3. No walking through obstacles. You must walk around to the starting line.
  4. Never try any obstacles unsupervised.
  5. All obstacles require supervision. See supervisor or coach for assistance
  6. Children must move along obstacles during open gym.
  7. Obstacles can only be repeated by starting at the starting line.
  8. No throwing foam blocks out of the net.
  9. Only one child on the net at a time.
  10. Warriors must always think of safety and strategy first!

Adult Ninja Warrior Rules

  1. Do not disrupt other classes.
  2. Only one person on a obstacle at a time.
  3. Only three adults on upper level at one time.
  4. Contact supervisor if any safety concerns arise.
  5. No climbing on the brown truss.
  6. No climbing on top of truss.
  7. One person on vine slide at a time, specifically on the ladder
  8. Do not attempt an obstacle until returned to start position
  9. Please use Ninja Warrior etiquette when an adult would like to attempt a full course run during open gym time.



Conquer the temple walls.

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Ninja Warrior

Two tiers of trials. Do you dare?

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Rock Climbing

Our legendary 30 ft rock wall.

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Obstacle course racing for adults and kids!

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  • Warrior Gyms course made me a better ninja!

    Clint Sarion, The Smiling Ninja

    American Ninja Warrior Contestant

  • Definitely one of the most creative and inspiring ninja training facilities I’ve ever seen. Warrior Gyms one of a kind 2 story ninja jungle will challenge any level of ninja.

    Isaac Caldiero

    American Ninja Warrior Champion

  • Either 7 years old or 70 years old, it was a blast with a lot to do at any ability level.

    Brett Severino

    Facebook Review

  • Love Warrior Gyms! Awesome place to train, with knowledgeable, helpful trainers and a wide variety of obstacles to master. Can't wait to go again!

    Patrick Rodio

    Facebook Review

  • Amazing facility with thoughtful design and fun for all ages. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable so my 6 year old twins were able to safely enjoy all the activities. Great space for parties with really cool private rooms and super clean! Can't wait to go back

    Deidre Brower

    Facebook Review

  • Try the ninja wall. Lot harder than you think!

    Don Klecher

    Google Review

  • Coolest ninja gym! Awesome for kids and adults. Rock wall really cool!

    Robert Morgan

    Google Review

  • Awesome facility. The staff is all knowledgeable in their areas and are very helpful. I trained in both the ninja and the parkour areas and got very useful tips/spotting from the warriors who are always around to help! I am an adult, and I want my birthday party here. I am not ashamed to admit it.

    Alex Bon

    Facebook Review

  • Great facility. Cool themeing. Amazing obstacles. This place was humongous. Highly recommend it to people in town.

    Max Feinberg

    Google Review

  • We're excited to open our gym with the support of Warrior legends like Isaac Caldiero, Michael Torres, Rachael Goldstein, The Smiling Ninja (Clint Sarion) among others.

    Brian Kane

    Co-founder of Warrior Gyms

  • Our new gym is the first space where thrill seekers can perfect parkour, ninja warrior, rock climbing and obstacle course racing for fun, fitness or to train for events.

    Vito Lasprugato

    Co-founder of Warrior Gyms